There could be many reasons for emergency repairs of your home or business. Storms can be brutal on your siding, roofing, windows and doors, and fires can be catastrophic.

When your commercial property or resident suffers damage from a storm or fire, you need immediate assistance to button everything up so you can prevent secondary damage until repairs can be made.

What We Can Do for You Immediately

Home and commercial building damage and catastrophes don’t take the weekend off. When shingles get torn off on a Saturday night, you need someone to get up there and cover the damage to prevent rainwater and run-off from damaging your home’s furnishings or your company’s inventory.

Once everything is buttoned up, you can wait for the insurance adjuster to finish the claim, but we can be there with them to assist and make suggestions.

Insurance Claim Services

It would be best always to have a reputable construction firm walk through the insurance claim with the insurance adjuster to make sure they are realistic about the cost of repairs. However, never accept an offer to elevate the estimated price so that you won’t need to pay a deductible. That could be insurance fraud.

Storm damage could include:

  • Wind damage that tears off roofing or siding.
  • Hail damage that breaks out windows or dents siding.
  • Rainwater damage to various parts of the building.
  • Broken windows and damaged doors.

A fire itself could do minimal damage yet result in significant water damage putting it out. The fire could have ripped through the roof, requiring replacement.

The insurance adjuster might not consider various elements of repair. When there is water damage that can’t be identified right away, such as from a leaking roof that you didn’t find until your first trip to the attic, it might need mold remediation.

Mildew and mold growth can harm the family’s respiratory health, so it needs to be cleaned up, and the growth stopped, which is not cheap. Mold remediation can cost $2,500, depending on the extent of the damage.

Plus, the price of materials rises rapidly in an inflationary economy. Roofing material and supplies that cost $350 per square foot in January could be $500 or $600 now.

Contact Van Horn Construction for Emergency Services for Your Home or Business

Contact the professionals from Van Horn Construction who will meet with your insurance claims adjuster to help estimate the damage and cost of repairs. We’ll tighten things up, so no secondary damage occurs until the insurance company allows work to proceed on repairs. Then, we’ll do the job, clean up the mess, and haul it away.