Before you shake your head at the cost of a stone and cedar siding replacement, consider that it might be the last siding your home will ever need.

Of course, everyone knows that stone is as structurally sound as any siding on the market, and cedar shakes will last 25 or 30 years as well. The professionals at Van Horn Construction can make this exquisite combination fit your home like a glove. That’s right, wrap your home in elegance that will last a lifetime with the added attraction of energy efficiency.

You don’t need to take our word for it; Houzz online magazine has dozens of examples to consider. Take a look at a few for inspiration and choose one that is right for your home, or create your own exterior design.

Stone Siding

Whether you use stone as the bulk of the siding or as an accent, stone adds a touch of elegance unmatched in any other siding type. Sure, brick looks strong and gives your house a vibrant look, but nothing compares to the strength of stone.

Stone is also energy efficient, which shields your home from the harsh Minnesota winters. Plus, over the life of your home, the stone will pay for itself in R-value, the measure of insulation benefits. Imagine all that beauty and energy efficiency as well.

What’s more, the nearly soundproof stone will drown out the sound of traffic and other neighborhood noise before it reaches your living room.

The Advantages of Cedar Shakes

Combining stone with splashes of cedar on gables and breezeways gives you unequaled sophistication and old-world charm. Cedar is also a natural insect repellant, which will help protect your home from termites and your family from mosquitoes and other pests.

Add a bit of stain and varnish to the wood to create a perfect blend of color to compliment or contrast the stone. Cedar shakes create a colonial look that will make your Minnesota home the envy of your neighborhood, and when coupled with the stone, maintenance will be a breeze.

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