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Roof leaks and floods are among the leading causes of water damage. This often damages the walls, ceiling, floors, or ductwork, of your Seattle home. At Chambers Restoration., we specialize in providing top class water damage restoration services. Our water damage restoration in Seattle, WA, remains the ideal way to clean, dry, sanitize, and restore water-damaged areas in your home after a water damage incident.

What’s more, our services are highly professional, reliable, and prompt. Our trusted team possess the needed tools and expertise to help restore your home. We also provide emergency restoration services. No matter the water damage issues, we’ve got you covered. We serve clients in Seattle, WA, and nearby cities.

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage occurs when water starts pooling in areas where it shouldn't.  Some of the factors responsible for water damage include:

Leaky Pipes: Pipe bursts at homes are one of the common causes of water damage in Seattle homes. A drain or sewer line clogged by debris exerts pressure on the walls of the pipe. This causes it to break through which water leaks. Loose pipes can also cause water to pool around your home and cause damages to your home landscape.

Faulty Air Conditioner: A faulty air conditioner could cause water to pool around your home and cause damage. Air conditioners are designed to remove moisture from the air. When the AC is not drained, moisture built up in it could leak onto the flooring of your home.

Natural Disasters: Natural disasters that are water related, which no man has control over, is one of the causes of water damage in many homes. Hurricane, flash floods and storms are some of the natural disasters that could cause water to build up in your home.

What Are The Signs Of Water Damage?

Some signs of water damage include:

Mold Growth: Mold growth indoors signifies water damage. Molds grow in areas that have increased the humidity level. Water damage in a home raises the humidity level, thereby creating a breeding ground for molds. If you notice molds, you should contact a water damage restoration expert immediately.

Bad Smell: Moist areas are often accompanied by a musty smell. This smell is caused by water pooling in an area of the house, followed by mold growth. Check your home for leaky pipe or clogged drain, if you observe mildewy smell.

Floor & Wall Color Discoloration: A sudden change of wall and floor color is a cue that there is water damage in your home. It is obvious that there is water in the walls if the paints start bloating and start peeling off. Also, water pooling on the floors changes the color as time goes on.

Rusty Pipes: Metal pipes become oxidized when water runs on the surface. Thus, leading to rusty or corroded surface. If you notice this, you need to call an expert to check out the issue.

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At Chambers Restoration, we offer quality and excellent services. Contact us today to get a quote for your water damage restoration. With us, you are guaranteed to get excellent services that give 100% client satisfaction.

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