Many homeowners are facing the same question this time of year. If not this year, then next. That question is whether it makes more sense to repair or replace those rain gutters that are leaking.

Another question along the same line is whether to hire someone to do the rain gutter project or DIY. Should you go to the expense of having a professional do those gutters?

The answer to that question usually depends on whether you have the time, tools, and talent or know-how to take on a project like this. If you don’t have two or three days to watch YouTube videos, shop for materials and tools you don’t have, it might be wise to call the professional home repair specialists at Van Horn Construction.

When to Repair Rain Gutters

Typically, there are five instances when it is more cost-effective to repair your home’s gutters rather than replacing them.

  1. When only one or two sections of gutters or downspouts are damaged, it is probably wise to fix those.
  2. When there are a few holes or cracks in your gutters, you can usually patch those with sealant or rivet some metal flashing to cover the holes.
  3. When you have copper gutters that need repairs. Copper is so expensive to replace that it is almost always more economical to fix it unless you want to replace it with a modern gutter system.
  4. When a few joints are leaking, you can probably repair those by sealing the joints.
  5. When a few hangers are missing or bent, replace the hangers or straighten them. That will be much cheaper.

When You Need to Replace Your Gutters

Likewise, here are five reasons it is more cost-effective to replace the gutters.

  1. As noted above, it is time to replace copper gutters or any old-fashion gutter system that needs too much work, repairs, or expensive parts. Typically, gutters are not that expensive.
  2. It’s generally more cost-effective to replace the gutters if you are doing a roof replacement, which requires removing and replacing the soffit and fascia. In this case, it might be too time-consuming and labor-intensive to try saving the gutters.
  3. When the pitch of the gutters doesn’t allow a regular flow of rainwater to the downspouts.
  4. When the sections of your gutters won’t stay together, it is probably better to replace them with seamless gutters rather than multiple repairs that don’t correct the problem.
  5. When the estimate for repairs is more than the cost for total replacement.

Get a Comparative Estimate from Van Horn Construction

Contact the construction professionals at Van Horn Construction. We can provide a comparative estimate for both scenarios before you decide to repair or replace your home’s gutter system. Remember, we are licensed and insured and always provide you with a written warranty.