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Make sure you hire the right mold assessor in Florida. How? Start by looking for a top-rated contractor. But how do you determine which contractors are top-rated? That's easy. Use the Internet. Check out reviews on Google and review sites like Angie's List and Home Advisor. You'll want to look for a contractor who has at least four or five stars or an A-rating. This should be the first step in choosing a mold assessor in Florida who is reputable enough to work in your home.

Since your home is your sanctuary, it is vital that you trust the people you let in. This includes not only trusting people to not steal but also to be honest with you, use best practices, and take the necessary steps to keep you and your home's occupants safe.

Where to Find a Reputed Mold Assessor in Florida

You should know the difference between a full-scale mold remediation company and a turnkey mold remediation contractor. Many full-scale mold remediation companies only specialize exclusively in mold remediation, which involves getting your home prepped and ready for a post-remediation verification and post-remediation reconstruction, which would be done by another contractor. A turnkey mold remediation company, such as All-Pro Restoration Services, will handle all of the tasks of your job from start to finish. We'll return your home to its pre-loss state and save you money.

The Benefits of a Certified Contractor

Something that should be automatic and rather obvious, but often goes unheeded, is the need to hire a mold assessor and restoration company that is actually licensed. In Florida, mold assessors must be licensed. To further ensure the highest quality of service and dependability to our clients, All-Pro Restoration Services also happens to be an IICRC certified firm. In addition to being licensed with the state of Florida and IICRC certified, All-Pro has full liability insurance for our clients' protection as well.

Certifications, although not required, are certainly desired. Having a company whose employees have undergone extensive specialty training is always a plus, and in the home restoration industry, IICRC certifications are the cream of the crop!

Further Protections

All-Pro Restoration Services has a worker's compensation umbrella policy, which means that all of our employees are covered by our firm. However, a worker's compensation exemption is relevant to only one individual who is labeled on the form. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that you have an exemption form for every single individual who is going to work in your home if you are going to hire a contractor who utilizes an exemption form. It could be the difference between being liable and not. Of course, you could just hire All-Pro and not have to worry about this.

Choose Your Mold Assessor in Florida from All-Pro Restoration Services

When you choose a mold assessor and restoration crew from All-Pro, you can rest assured that we will work with your adjuster to get your claim paid ASAP and start the mold removal and remediations process. Call us today to get the process started.

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