Your exterior siding is one of the main things protecting your home from the elements. Quality siding has an excellent durability rating, lasting up to 30 years in some cases. However, older siding is likely prone to fading and uneven discoloration. Minor defects develop over time and allow for staining, warping, or water infiltration. In addition, older color selections may now look dated and can decrease your home’s curb appeal. Storm damage can also rip pieces of siding away. While sections can be replaced, you should examine the entire structure to see if a complete replacement is needed, especially if your siding has exceeded its warranty period.

Signs Your Siding is Failing

Apparent signs of failure, like missing, cracked or broken pieces of siding, signal you should call in a professional right away. However, there are more subtle signs that a pro should investigate to determine if there is a threat to your home’s structural integrity.

Bubbling Paint or Brown Staining on Walls

If the paint on your interior walls is bubbling or peeling, or if brown lines appear to run down the walls, it can signify that moisture is getting behind your siding and into your home. The good news is the problem can easily be traced to the exterior side of the damaged wall.

Cracking, Scraping or Snapping Sounds

If you notice consistent cracking or snapping of your siding in the winter, it may be improperly attached or have water behind it. If it is scraping together or buckling in the sun, it can no longer stand up to the heat. In either case, the siding will not protect your home from the elements.

Your House Looks Run-Down

While this isn’t a failure of the siding itself, its faded or dated colors can rob your home of curb appeal and decrease its value. This is especially important if you are selling your home. Updated siding can help you get top dollar from the sale.

Choose the Siding Experts

Replacing your siding allows you to choose new and improved styles and materials that can not only provide a beautiful finish but, in some cases, can improve your energy bills. So, whether it’s time to upgrade your siding for function, aesthetic appeal or both, contact the experts at Van Horn Construction today.