Technological advancements are apparent in nearly every aspect of contemporary life. The construction industry is no different. Manufacturers are developing new roofing materials that last longer and protect homes and businesses better than previously thought possible.

Advancements in roofing materials display improvements. We will look at some of these advancements so building owners looking at a roof replacement can see how they can benefit from roofing innovations.

New roofs in the Twin Cities area will not only provide the building owner protection from nature’s elements but also play a crucial role in energy-efficiency and cost-effective developments. 

Local construction firms like Van Horn Construction demand better roofing materials with more extended warranty periods to give homeowners a roof that will last for the full lifespan of their building. 

Van Horn now provides or will soon offer many of these cutting-edge and innovative advancements in the roofing industry that boost efficiency for homes and businesses.

We’ll look at roofing materials with insulation built-in, less expensive synthetic roofs, the benefits of solar, fireproof roofs, and the benefits of cool roofs.   

#1 — Roofs with Built-in Insulation

Manufacturers now make fiberglass and asphalt shingles with higher R-Values. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Information, “R-value means resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.” 

Therefore, roofing materials with more insulation built-in means less insulation needed in the attic. Nowadays, many homeowners are making better use of their space. Subsequently, more homes have a mother-in-law suite or family entertainment center instead of an attic. An energy-efficient roof means using less fuel to heat your home or business.

#2 — Synthetic Roofs

Many homes and businesses prefer a synthetic stone or tile, which are more durable, lightweight, and more economical than terracotta or slate. Slate roofs are incredibly attractive. These are also incredibly expensive and bulky. The added weight can strain your building’s support systems. Synthetic slate or tiles look precisely like their counterpart at a fraction of the price and weight.

#3 — Solar Roofs  

Whether you are looking at installing solar panels or an entire Tesla solar roof, the energy savings could pay for the installation over time. Typically, this new concept of roofing tiles come in four designs, slate, smooth glass, Tuscan glass tile, or a textured glass roof tile. 

Although Van Horn Construction is not yet installing solar roofs, tomorrow’s only a day away.  

#4 — Fireproof Roofs   

Fireproof roofing can significantly hamper wildfire spreading and protect your home from destruction. The need for these materials is not as necessary for Twin City area homes and businesses like those in California, Arizona, and other at-risk areas.

However, using fire-resistant roofing materials on suburban homes and summer cabins could be wise. Concrete and slate tiles, metal, and synthetic roofing materials are naturally fire-resistant, but new developments add durability, aesthetics, and safety.

#5 — Cool Roofs 

Another innovation many Minnesota residents will not consider attractive or necessary for their home or business is the “cool roof” technology. Although it could be beneficial for businesses that use fire and heat for manufacturing, these roofing materials take in less heat by reflecting more sunlight. Cool roofs can significantly reduce air conditioning during summer months. 


Although some of these innovations do not apply to the Twin City area, it’s always good to know what’s available when looking at high-priced renovations like roof replacement.

When you consider replacing your roof, you should look at every possibility to ensure you are getting a building material that prolongs your building’s life and adds value. Talking with a professional about the costs and benefits of each material could be more cost-effective long-term. 

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