Tis the season to be jolly, and Santa is currently rushing to get his sleigh ready for Christmas deliveries. That means your roof should be prepared for the big man in the red suit to make his landing. A damaged roof won’t make a safe landing strip, but there are other issues to consider besides a potential lawsuit from old Saint Nick. 

Roof damage during winter can turn into a nightmare for homeowners. Leaks are the most common issue that can lead to substantial repair costs. However, a roof can completely detach in rare cases when the winds are high. To keep Santa happy and your family warm, consider having your roof inspected before the worst of the weather emerges. 

Free Roof Inspection

Just like Santa, Van Horn Construction is committed to offering our customers a gift in the form of a free roof inspection. You won’t have to pay a penny to have your roof inspected for damage and maintenance needs. 

A professional roof inspection identifies all current and potential problems. Once you get the report, you can decide whether the required work is merited. We are impartial and will always provide our customers with accurate and honest recommendations. 

Roof Repairs in the Twin Cities

Roof repairs are an essential part of home maintenance. The last thing you want is a leaking or draughty roof in the middle of winter when the temperature dips. Invest in roof repairs, and the structure will last much longer. 

Contact Van Horn Construction if you think your roof is ready for an inspection. We do a thorough job to ensure that your issues are detected, and our customers benefit from practical solutions. If you wish to address the issues raised in the report, our team of professionals will gladly oblige.