When most home and business owners consider roof replacement, there are many expenses they fail to consider. That’s why it is essential when you get an estimate for roof replacement, you get a statement of work and compare each construction company’s cost analysis. 

When a company gives you a price for roof replacement and does not include the following roof-related necessities, you will not get your money’s worth. You might have to pay more to get these items and have another company complete the installation.

Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, designs, and prices. The most popular and perhaps cheapest is the K-style gutter, which is available just about anywhere. Another popular choice is the seamless gutter, which would be more popular if available in more areas.  

One popular addition is the gutter guard, which keeps leaves and other debris out of your gutter so that there’s no need to get your gutters swept or cleaned year after year. Having these installed can save you money over time.


Regardless of the roofing material used, flashing will need to be installed. Flashing is typically a thin metal material, such as galvanized steel or aluminum. 

Roofing installers use metal sheets or other pliable waterproof material to direct rain and melting snow away from chimneys, vents, skylights and other roof areas like dormers or walls. After the roofing material is put in place, roofing cement, caulk, or sealant is used to waterproof the area susceptible to leaking.   

Soffit & Fascia  

Although most professionals in the exterior design and construction field consider these as part of siding installation, when you replace the roof and gutters, chances are you will need to replace these as well.

The soffit is a portion of the overhang where the siding meets the roof. Depending on the new roofing install, these may not need to get replaced. The soffit is essential to maintain continuous ventilation around the eaves. Typically, every third panel has vent holes to allow airflow to prevent moisture and eventual dry rot of the wood or other supports. When you install new gutters, you will likely need to replace the fascia at minimum, as the gutter supports are usually nailed to the fascia.  

These two minor parts of your building’s exterior may seem trivial, yet these are a significant portion of curb appeal and should be addressed with a new roof.  

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