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The best Denver home painting professionals have many years of experience and a long list of clients. They do not just do interior and exterior painting—they also specialize in historic preservation and restoration, ensuring that they can bring out your home’s best features. For this level of service, nothing beats Dowd Restoration. Contact us at 303-522-8730.  

Your choice in paints can make or break the overall look and feel of your home. When picking interior paint colors, think about the concept of color psychology. The color of a room has been proven to impact the mood and behavior of its inhabitants. These tips should help you choose the right hues for your Denver home painting project:
1. Think about the mood that you want in that room. Do you want your bedroom to be intimate and dramatic, or soothing and relaxing? Cool colors like green and blue, and soft neutral hues like cream and ecru typically provide a peaceful look and feel, while bolder colors like red and purple may stimulate a more dramatic or passionate emotion in a room.
2. Consider contrasting, brighter, and warm colors in your kitchen, dining room, or living room for a more sociable atmosphere. If you want a living room to be more formal, go for neutrals and deeper hues, like blue-green and maroon. A games room might be more entertaining and exciting with intensely bright hues.
3. Think of the lighting. Paint stores have light boxes so you can check how paint samples look under certain types of lighting conditions. Natural daylight reveals the truest color, fluorescent lights cast a sharp blue tone over the color, and incandescent lights can bring out yellows and warm tones. Hence, strong colors might look overwhelming and too powerful when used on a wall beside a large window, but they may look better when they are used on an accent wall where indirect light hits.
Talk to a specialist in Denver home painting, like Dowd Restoration. We know that preparation is the key to achieving a perfect home painting project, but it can be an overwhelming and stressful process. Call us or contact Dowd Restoration through this website, so we can help.
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