Spend on Windows, Save on Energy Bills

Have you noticed a considerable increase in your energy costs? For many homeowners, soaring costs are directly associated with low-quality or damaged windows. Energy efficiency is reduced because of drafts or because windows do not help to maintain ambient temperatures throughout the home.  Feeling comfortable in your home is important. If indoor temperatures are constantly shifting, despite your best efforts to set the air conditioning just right, your windows may be to blame. The constant battle to manage ambient temperatures will only result in higher energy costs. 

Identifying the Problem

Before having your windows replaced, identifying the cause of your skyrocketing energy bills is a good idea. There are other reasons that could be causing costs to increase, including poor insulation or a damaged roof. While upgrading your windows will increase energy efficiency, finding the most cost-effective solution for your budget is probably the most sensible approach.  Van Horn Construction offers a free inspection to help homeowners identify areas of concern, such as drafty or low-quality windows. Once it is established windows are causing the increase on your energy bills, investing in replacement units is a much easier decision. 

Window Replacement

For all your window replacement needs, Van Horn Construction is here to help. We can install windows that keep out drafts and increase the energy-efficiency in your home. The alternative is continuing to pay an excessive amount of cash just to keep temperatures and humidity at tolerable levels. This is your opportunity to achieve improved comfort and save on your outgoing costs at the same time.  To discuss your window repair or replacement needs, reach out to Van Horn Construction today. We also provide services for repairing and replacing other structures, including the roof, sidings and guttering. A free inspection could mark the first step on your journey toward a more comfortable home.

Why You Shouldn’t Rule Out a Smaller Roofing Contractor Business

When you are looking for electrical equipment, gaming consoles, cell phones, etc., the obvious strategy is to opt for the big players. For many homeowners, it makes sense to apply the same logic to choosing a roofing contractor. The thinking is the larger the company, the better the craftsmanship.  However, this is not necessarily true. You may actually find working with a large construction company becomes a nightmare. There are a number of reasons a smaller contractor is a better option for your roofing project. 

Customer Commitment

Whether you are in need of a roof inspection, general maintenance and repairs, or roof replacement, you want to know you can rely on your contractor. Large roofing companies typically cater to an equally large number of customers. This can result in several issues when it comes to completing the work at your premises.  First of all, there is a risk the contractor you are working with will take an impersonal approach. While you are not likely to add each other on social media, communication and rapport is important. You want to know your contractor is passionate about completing the work you have requested. If a company is juggling multiple customer projects, forging close working relationships is not always a priority. 

Time Management

If a large roofing contractor takes on a lot of projects at the same time, they need to prioritize their time and may not meet time deadlines. This can cost you in a number of ways, including incurring financial penalties on loans or paying additional rent for another property while work is ongoing. With a reliable smaller contractor, you know your project is the main priority and work will be completely according to the agreed schedule.  At Van Horn Construction, we have made a conscious decision not to upscale our business. This ethos allows us to concentrate on passionately serving each and every customer. If you need a roofing contractor who will form a cooperative working relationship with you throughout a project, reach out to our offices today.