Did you recently pull the holiday decorations down from the attic only to find the box soggy or worse yet, covered with mold spores, and wonder if there is a leak? 

The problem with attic condensation is that most homeowners do not go into their attic except to store or takedown decorations or other items stored there. Some might not even consider the “dust” as a problem, thinking it is just dust. While others, discovering a wet box of decorations, might panic and think they have a roof leak.

It’s relatively easy to tell whether condensation or a leak caused your attic condition. Most roof sheathing is a light color, and you can spot the stains. 

 If you find a dark stain close to a gap that goes through your roof, it is probably a leak. However, if the darkened sheathing spreads across a vast expanse, it is more likely a problem with condensation.      

Common Causes of Condensation

One of the most common sources of problems that cause condensation in the attic is an exhaust fan hose that came unhooked and allowed that hot air to vent into the attic rather than outside as it was intended. Dryer and range hood vents are the most likely culprit. 

Another source that is not as obvious is blocked soffit or roof vents. Articles stored in the attic could have been places over these vents. Check to make sure the attic vents and soffit are clear, and no boxes or insulation is lying over these areas. 

Periodically, inexperienced siding and soffit installers do not use the perforated soffit intended to allow air to circulate through your attic. Some old school installers think these vents allow heat to escape from the home, which is inaccurate. 

Common Consequences of Not Fixing the Problem

The consequences of condensation in your attic might not be apparent for years. When the condensation forms on rafters and roof supports and then dries, it causes a structural problem known as “dry rot.” Dry rot can weaken roof supports and eventually lead to collapse if not remedied. It’s much cheaper to get an annual inspection of your attic by qualified roofing professionals than to assume everything is fine.

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