What do you think a property inspection will uncover about your home? Even if the sidings, windows, roof, and guttering systems look in good condition, you may discover there are hidden maintenance needs that could save you down the road.

Roof Damage or Instability

The roof is perhaps the most likely place where damage or instability can go unnoticed. It’s one of the least accessible features on your property, making it difficult to inspect with the naked eye. Even minor damage to a roof can have serious consequences. Leaking water can destroy other structures in the home and even lead to electrical fires.

The second and more dangerous issue with a roof is potential instability. As a major structure, it doesn’t take much to imagine what could happen if a roof collapses or detaches. This is a problem that may only manifest during strong winds, by which stage it could be too late to avert disaster.

Windows & Draughts

It is rare for window frames to suffer structural damage so significant that the entire installation detaches. However, draughts from windows are a problem that you should not ignore. There is a monthly cost associated with poor insulation and potential damage from condensation to consider.

If you notice that your energy costs are rising, or there is condensation building up around windows, an inspection can identify the root cause of the problem. Repairing windows is one option but replacement often results in further savings when more energy-efficient glass and frames are installed.

Siding Problems

Most siding damage is visible except for erosion. When siding materials are weakened or become brittle, the issue is not always easy to detect unless you know what to look for. A construction specialist can walk you through an inspection and point out any problems.

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